RIP ZUNE 2006-2011

zune mp3 player


Microsoft is not planning on releasing any further Zune devices. Instead, the company plans to focus on Zune software for smartphones.

Microsoft declined to comment on the future of the Zune players, but in a statement to Bloomberg noted that it remains “committed to supporting our devices in North America.” Zune launched in November 2006 to much fanfare and hopes that it could beat Apple’s iPod. But obviously never reach that IPod status so looks like it’s time to say good bye…doesn’t really phase me but I’m sure that there are a few people who own one?

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft will continue to put its Zune features into Windows Phone 7 and in the Zune desktop software for Windows. I’m sorry but if you are not offering more than the IPod ,Windows-only requirement, AND you’re still just as expensive as the IPod  you set yourself up for failure.

But for those who are morning RIP Zune I never even got a chance to know you.


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