RIP NATE DOGG- We Lost One Of The Great Rap Stars Of Our Time

Nate Dogg

LONG BEACH, CA — Nathaniel D. Hale, aka, Nate Dogg, died Tuesday, his family announced.

The rap star, born and raised in Long Beach, Calif.  He was 41 at the time of his death, the cause has not yet been released. However, Hale had suffered two strokes, one in 2007 and another in 2008. Details will be available later.

Background on the unfortunate strokes Nate Dogg suffered:

On December 19, 2007, he suffered a stroke, reports had circulated that Nate Dogg had been admitted to Pomona Valley Hospital in Pomona California, after suffering a heart attack. Erica Beckwith, however, confirmed to MTV News that Nate Dogg was released on December 26 after being treated for a stroke and is currently in a medical-rehab facility to assist him in his recovery. On January 18, 2008, it was officially reported that the stroke had rendered the left side of his body paralyzed. Doctors believe there will be a full recovery, and his voice was not affected. In September 2008, Nate suffered a second stroke and today is still recovering in a long term care facility. Warren G later confirmed that Nate did in fact suffer two strokes.

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