L.A. Reid Leaving Def Jam To Judge Talent Show?! (X-Factor)

What a sad week for the music industry, the loss of the great Nate Dogg and now a legend such as L.A. Reid steps down to do REALITY TELEVISION WITH SIMON COWELL?!? I am really at a loss for words (which NEVER happens)

Billboard.com reports

“Antonio “L.A.” Reid will leave his job as chairman of Island Def Jam to become a judge on Simon Cowell’s upcoming show “The X Factor,” a source familiar with Cowell’s offer confirmed to Billboard Wednesday.Reid accepted an offer from Simon Cowell this week to join the Fox television show, which will begin airing in September, the source said. Reid’s contract was due to expire in December.”

This is the most absurd thing I have heard…I know he’s not what he use to be but for God’s sake his name is infamous in the Hip-Hop industry  he is a three-time Grammy winner and has worked with TLC, Kanye West, Outkast, Usher….and now your going to judge talentless money hungry and fame greedy Americans?

Billboard goes on to say…

“Island Def Jam will continue to be run by Steve Bartels. Barry Weiss, the former Sony Music executive joining Universal Music Group this month, is expected to add oversight of Island Def Jam to his duties.

The question remains, however, whether Reid will eventually join his former Universal boss Doug Morris, who becomes CEO of Sony Music on July 1.

Sony Music has vested interest in the competition: Recordings of the show’s contestants will be controlled by Simon Cowell’s Syco and Sony Music and the winner will receive a $5 million contract with Sony Music.”


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