Bring It On Freddie Gibbs….Gibbs NCAA Bracket VS. Mine

RapRadar being the geniuses that they are saw Freddie Gibbs insightful observations on sports through his Twitter account, provided him with the platform to express his supreme knowledge on theins and outs of competitive athletics. It’s Gangsta Gibbs Wide World Of Sports and his picks for this year’s NCAA tournament.

Ok, I told y’all I really didn’t give a fuck about college basketball and I really don’t until this time of year.  But I filled out the ESGN Bracket to give you my take on what I think will go down this March. The field is really cut and dry this year so I’m not predicting too many upsets, although I do think America’s Favorite Dukies will be bounced out before the final four.

Being the Midwest nigga that I am, I’m also picking a Big Ten final matchup between Ohio State and Purdue.  Purdue is slept on and I think they’ll breeze through St. Peters and Georgetown but may have trouble with Notre Dame and Pitt on they’re way to the final game, but they’ll pull it off in the end over the favored Buckeyes.

Hey man all this shit is a fuckin’ toss up, that’s the one good thing about college ball in March. If any of you muthafuckaz said you picked Butler to make it to the finals last year against Duke you’re a damn lier.  I might be wrong but shiiiiiit, if I could pick all the winners I’d be in Vegas gambling professionally with a potbelly, a drug problem and live-in hookers like Charlie Sheen. ESGN we #winning bitch.

Very insightful as expected but sorry to say I would put my bracket against yours any day Gibbs…. I’m sure yall are thinking what does this chick know about sports, pretty much as much as I do about Hip-Hop. As a former basketball player myself, and attendee of a division 1 college I pride myself on my knowledge of NCAA Basketball. Now since my alumni college University of Colorado Buffalos were SNUBBED their place in the tournament it was not exceptionally thrilled while filling out my bracket but my home team and college team since I was young, the Syracuse Orangemen are still ready to dominate the tournament I still have hope in the NCAA yet.  Yes I do let my personal feelings get in the way while doing  my bracket (ie I was Talor Battle’s summer camp coach so I take credit for his NCAA achievement thus Penn. St. goes further on my bracket) So here we go folks my picks and you can hold me to them talk shit or praise whatever you feel but I will stand behind them.

mail (960×720)

mail (960×720)

So yes I have Pitt Winning (tie breaker 65-73) go ahead I’m prepared for the feedback (nice way of putting your shit talking)

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