Where Do Twitter #TT Come From? I Found An Article With an Answer….

SO I came across this article while dealing with that damn insomnia and I couldn’t help but to laugh. As you know I am white, but find myself to be a part of the “black twitter” community because of those I follow and know, but if you don’t follow the people I do you will probably learn where many of the trending topics come from with this article. Here are just some of the highlights I enjoyed laughing at…

“Here’s an interesting fact about Twitter: Black people love it. According to a study by Edison Research, we make up 25 percent of the 17 million (and counting) people who use the social networking site. And here’s something else about black people and Twitter: We love to start trends — trending topics, that is. Twitter defines trending topics as the “new or newsworthy topics that are occupying the most people’s attention on Twitter at any one time.” Adding a hashtag (#) to a tweet creates a themed, grouped message. If enough people tweet the same hashtag, it’s considered a trending topic.

….many of the ‘trending topics’ on Twitter on a typical day are reflective of African-American culture, memes and topics.” Though many trending topics are about specific people, events or silliness like #liesmentell, #itsnotcheating, etc., the mood has recently shifted into far more ignorant territory. Why is this how we choose to wield our power on Twitter?

Trendistic, which ranks Twitter trends, marked the most popular trend one day last week as #hoodhoes (and its similar tag, #hoodhoe). For 16 hours, users tweeted their definitions of a “hood hoe”:

“If you only get paid when yo baby daddy get paid #hoodhoe”
“I like #hoodhoe they get a discount on they rent and they always got food in the fridge foodstamps lol”
“#hoodhoe emergency kit= leggings, track glue, cab phone number, ebt card, rush visa card, boost mobile phone and pre paid legal”
This was evident last year when comedian Lil Duval (@lilduval) started the trending topic #itaintrape. With almost half a million followers, the comedian was able to spread his misogynistic statements and allow others to get in on the action.

“#itaintrape if you pay for it first …
“#itaintrape if I fly u in”
“#itaintrape if I bout you popcorn and a drink … then u Didnt eat it”

The violent tweets inspired by Lil Duval were condemned by the masses, but there were more than enough people who helped spread his ignorance and create a “black Twitter” zeitgeist for the day….

Some trending topics just make you laugh and get you through a rough workday, but they can also educate, bring awareness, and even show advertisers and networks that our shows are bankable, as is the case with The Game. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, top trending topics included #mlk, #mlkday and #ihaveadream. At least for one day, positivity instead of ignorance reigned on “Black People Twitter.”

You can read the full article at: http://www.theroot.com/views/black-twitter-trending-topics-paint-wrong-picture?page=0,0


Now if you have no idea what black twitter is and who to follow you can thank @Nerdatthecooltable because he was ready to break it down for everyone who is not familiar with “black twitter” and help yall out…



First, get familiar with the #BLACKTWITTER slang……

“EEK” (Founder: @YaBoySkeete) – Another word for hoes. “I hope the club is filled with EEKS tonight”

“Slander” (Founder: @Liymaveli) – To slander is to un-constructively criticize. Not to be confused with hating….. “Slander” was popping in 2010. Some consider it dead now.

“Craft” (Founders: @Liymaveli & @Resolutionary_) – To craft is to be excellent.

“Active” (Founder: @WestSideBG) – Meaning something is good. “This cd is ACTIVE”

“Fade” (Founder: @WestSideBG) – A “Fade” is a fight. U wanna “Fade” someone, you wanna shoot the 1 on 1

“Thirst” (Founder: Unknown) – The extreme, sneaky, and desperate things done by people to show interest in the opposite sex.

“@ or Dap” (Founders: Me & @OfficiallyIce) – Either @ the person your talking about or keep it moving. Alot of people avoid this and alot of people abuse this. I predict someone will be shot this summer over “@ or Dap”.

#LONELYTWEET (Founders: Me & @Wayno119) – This is tagged to tweets that u sense are coming from a lonely person. Mostly by lonely women. Most quotes and inspirational tweets are lonely tweets.

#NOBODYCARESTWEET (Founder: Me & @Wayno119) – This is tagged to tweets that are irrelevant. Be very careful when tagging a tweet with this. Alot of people aren’t mentally stable enough to handle this. Beware. AND DONT YOU DARE TAKE THIS OVER TO FACEBOOK. IT COULD LEAD TO DEATH!

“Struggle” (Founder: @RellyOnSmash) – Unsatisfactory, lacking, below par, below expectations, disappointing … “My day has been nothing but struggle”

“Strug Life” (Founder: @PUSHMONTANA) – living a unsatisfying, lackluster, below par, below expectations, disappointing life. THE STRUG LIFE MUST BE EMBRACED THO!!!!

“Simp” (Founder: @BoxdenFresh) – A person that loves to display thirst

“No Country” (Founder: @Wayno119) – No tolerance for a person, place, or thing. “No Country for polo boots”

#ThePaint (Founder: @RellyOnSmash) – A word to represent life. “Charlie Sheen needs to immediately get out of #ThePaint” …. He needs to get his life together

“Get The Fuck Outta Here!” (Founders: Me, @OfficiallyIce, & @Wayno119) – basically saying “Thats it, we had enough” ….. “Lil Kim, Get The Fuck Outta Here!”

#NAH (Founder: @RellyOnSmash) – No. Nope. Not gonna happen. No way. Try again. Negative

“Crying” (Founder: @RellyOnSmash) – Finding something extremely funny

“Im Out” (Founder: Unknown) – Cant’t take it anymore, logging off for a while. Most people never really log off tho lol

“Chillllllllll” (Founder: @BBillions) – This word is used to tell someone to relax, what they are tweeting may be crossing the line or going to far.

“Tender” (Founder: @RegularAssRon) – Soft. Sensitive.

D.O.J (Founders: Me & @Wayn0119) – “Death Of Jean Shorts” . #BLACKTWITTER is %100 against jean shorts.

“For The F*ggots” (Founder: @BarDaStar) – No it’s not gay bashing. It means something is for the lames. “Jean shorts are for the faggots”

#LeggingSeason (Founder: Me) – An appreciation, during the winter & fall seasons, for women in leggings.

#SunDressSeason (Founder: Unknown) – An appreciation, during the Spring & Summer seasons, for women in sun dresses

#BEARDSEASON (Founders: Women of #BlackTwitter) – An appreciation for men with beards.

Now let’s get into the people & things that most represent #BLACKTWITTER
(Read full story at: http://www.nerdatthecooltable.com/2011/03/blacktwitter101.html)

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