Add Another Cover To Wiz Khalifa’s Long List Of Magazine Covers: Wiz on Complex

Wiz and actor Danny “Kenny Powers” McBride cover the April/May 2011 edition of Complex. According to my count this is his 8th magazine cover since his October 2010 appearance on Fushion’s Cover, damn Wiz you have your print media game on lock. The entire cover story is available to read here as well. Give you one guess what they had in common to talk about…


Some of my favorite questions and answers from the article…

What’s the good stash spot people don’t know about?

W: Shit, you got any good stash spots?

D: I kinda do it old-school—I just keep it stuffed up my asshole a lot of times. Even if I’m not traveling, just when I’m alone in my house, I’ll act like I’m coming outta Panama.

Is there a type of weed that fits more snugly in the anal cavity?

D: Oh no, they all fit in equally.

W: The less stems, the better.

D: Yeah, we don’t like that seedy shit

Wiz, what are your movie tastes like?

W: [Laughs.] What do movies taste like?

[Laughs.] Nah, what are your movie tastes like?

W: Spicy.

D: Garlic, yeah. Tandoori chicken.

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