The Closest Drake Has Ever Been To Being Tough…Almost arrested in Jamaica

Drake lady gaga meat 400x379 Drake Lady Gaga and her meatwhat? Drizzy likes his meat….


Our pretty boy Drake almost got himself taken to the notoriously unforgiving penal system of Jamaica (and knowing him and ALLEGED sexual preference it would have been over)– oh yeah and they shut down the show in the process.

Performing at the Brit Jam music festival on March 14th (latepass) dancehall singer Mavado brought Drake out to greet the crowd which was his first mistake. The second mistake was giving the mic to Drake and allowing him to address the crowd in a Jamaican accent, REALLY Drizzy? really?

But the genius didn’t stop there, Drake went on to shout out “bloodclot” – an offensive curse word on the island – which nearly got him arrested for breaking the harsh “indecent language” law. Drizzy being who he is got taken off stage by his own security before the police had a chance.

Drake isn’t the only one who speaks before he thinks, Ja Rule (shocker right?), Snoop Dogg and Sean Paul and Beenie Man (who are from Jamaica sooo? ok) have had similar situations in Jamaica. BUT the reason Drake’s situation puts him above the rest is that he was warned about the rule BEFORE he got on stage….smh

Reportedly the show was shut down because of the bad language.

Drake you say in Ignant Shit, “I think better when I’m not sober” well in that case I suggest to you that you are never sober again cause this is embarrassing.

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