XXL 2011 Freshman Showcase At B.B. Kings Roundup

So last night XXL gathered the masses and brought their Freshman Class to BB Kings to show everyone what they can do. So of course I had to go, mostly because I questioned some of the choices for the class this year and seeing Yelawolf live definitely changed my mind about him so I wanted to see who else would.  Once I got in past the door and the mass chaos that was going on with the guest list I thought it would be smooth sailing from there….but nope wrong, the backstage entrance was more of a disaster than the front door. At one point I saw Mac Miller talking to the security guard and I realized he was trying to get backstage and they weren’t letting him, using my good looks and charm I made my way back there though.


The theme of the night seemed to be trying to top fellow class members with the best guest appearance on stage, so while I run down the order of performances you can judge for yourself who had the best guest appearance (but really we know who it is and that’s just not playing fair Diggy now is it?)

The show started with YG (I guessed either him or Lil Twist would kick it off) being the stud that he is, YG ended by bringing video vixen Rosa Acosta onto the stage which won over the male audience.

Next up was Young Money’s own Lil Twist, first of all I had no idea how “lil” he actually is, it’s crazy to see how young these guys are. Lil Twist debuted his new song “At the Moment.” Twist performed “Loyalty” for a nice opening to bring outBryan “Birdman” Williams.

Fred the Godson next started with “So What You Sayin’” Freestyle. Getting a lot of New York love his guest pumped that NY love to another level, yes Harlem’s favorite SLIMEEEE…. Vado and Fred performed their duet “Headbanger,” to an overwhelmed NY audience.

Meek Mill followed with that Ma-Ma-Machbach Music performing Rozay’s “MC Hammer” but seems Meek missed the memo about guest appearances.

Diggy Simmons thankfully came out late (it was getting past his fans bed time) Diggy impressed me with his stage presence he seemed comfortable up there like he’s been doing this for year. So obviously his guest appearance (and the highlight of my night- but still cheating Digs) his legendary Dad Rev Run, who threw his rope chain over Dig’s neck as they performed Run-D.M.C.’s classic hit, “King of Rock.” Quite the family moment.

Mac Miller came through next (thankfully after being finally let backstage) and obviously he was a crowd favorite. He rocked the stage in his cute little steelers backpack-he knows they aren’t actually freshman right?  He did “Donald Trump” off his most recently released mixtape, Best Day Ever and “Good Evening” and “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” from last year’s K.I.D.S. and honestly he was one that did impress me, I felt like a lot of the performances were kind of dull from some of the class.

One of my favorite Freshman CyHi da Prynce did me proud with the guest appearances he got on that stage, Big Sean and Pusha T, all with the backing of DJ A-Trak. I mean without Rev. Run hands down CyHi wins the guest contest, and won the crowd over with “So Appalled.”

Black Hippies came out next, Kendrick Lamar Schoolboy Q, the two back and forth with “Looking for Detox” and “Pussy and Patron,” with fellow Cali rep YG throwing up those W’s in the background  Weeeeeeeest Side.

Big K.R.I.T. was next and now his guest list was more like a novel with the amount of people he fit on that stage, from Big Sean to Sha Money XL to i’m guessing his best friend from when he was 5. KRIT  jumped into the crowd at one point and really got to know his fans.

Closing down the show my boy Yelawolf came out to teach the youngin’s what the definition of stage presence is. , He came out with Krizzle to the remix of “Hometown Hero,” he went through fan favorites like “Good to Go,” “Daddy’s Lambo” and “Pop the Trunk.” He closed with exactly what I expected, not a bad choice though it was one of my favorite songs he did at Highline, CyHi came back out and they shut it down with “I Wish”

Pretty much sums up the night….check out the various pictures and videos from the night

Shoutouts: XXL Staff, Techieinnyc (For the great pictures), and Prospect Dynasty Ent. and Bobby Trends for the video.



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