YM x Lil Wayne Getting Sued? Producer of “Lollipop” Suing For $20mill

File:Lil Wayne - Lollipop.jpg

MTV’s Rap Fix reported that producer Darius Harrison (a.k.a. Deezle) ‘filed a court action against Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records’, claiming that he has not received payment in the form of royalties from the sales of Lil Wayne’s smash hit “Lollipop” from a little album you might remember Tha Carter III.

TMZ states that Deezle (producer of other hits such as “Whip It,” “Prostitute 2,” “Action,” “Mrs. Officer” and “Let the Beat Build”) is “entitled to his cut of royalties on the reported $70 million the album has grossed on sales of over 6 million copies (worldwide?)” and as such is suing the above-mentioned parties for $20 million dollars.

Weezy probably wont even notice a deduction of $20 mill from his account, in my opinion it makes Deezle look like he is having some money issues i’m sure Weezy will get the last laugh because he’s Lil Wayne and let’s be honest how many of yall knew who Deezle was?

shoutout: The Source Mag

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