The Pretty Toney Awards nahmean!

As award season comes to an end we have one last award, like they say you save the best for last well here we go with my favorite @BigGhostFase and yours The Pretty Toney Awards….

Now there are some tough categories from the “Hottest Chick In The Game” to “The Gay Merlin Award” (give you one guess who took that prize home)

“The Gay Merlin Award” was by far my favorite category so I’ll post the indisputial winner of this category but you gotta go check out the entire list of winners: Pretty Tony Awards Here



Jus look at the faces this nigga be makin son. If that aint the face of a nigga that wanna fuck other niggas I aint kno what is g. Ayo I feel like son got a flower where his man parts should be namsayin. The nigga cant even do nothin else to make his image more suspect g. Sons whole shit so soft its like he walkin round all day wit a invisible bouquet of dicks nahmean. This nigga was probably dancin on tables at his prom n shit. But got damm he got yall broads fooled! N summa you niggas too. For that accomplishment alone I gotta applaud this nigga. This nigga commited to excellence in gay wizardry nahmean. This nigga probably got a gateway to Narnia in his closet n all that namsayin. Word.

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