Benzino “Ends Beef” With Slaughterhouse- Crooked I Responds

SOHH had the chance to talk to Crooked I about the “truce offering” that came from Benzino to Shady Records’ Slaughterhouse.

Last week it was reported that Benzino (if you live under a rock the former editor of The Source and rapper) has ended the beef between him and Slaughterhouse, such great timing too just as Slaughterhouse is becoming quite the powerhouse hmm…

Benzino’s truce words…

“‘Shout-out to Slaughterhosue,” Zino said in an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star. “Congratulations on that Eminem/Shady deal. I probably was real responsible for that. [laughs] Nah, but for real. Big up to my man Slam — Slam had talked to [a mutual] friend of ours from Detroit and I guess we straightened out [our beef]. It’s all good. We actually just put them in the last [Hip-Hop Weekly] magazine”–Sounds like one of those backwards compliments to me, but let’s see what Crooked I thought of it.

According to, Crooked I said that he was unaware of Benzino’s claim that he had ended his feud with the recent Shady/Interscope signees through a friend of Zino’s in Detroit. He does however say that he would be willing to meet his former adversary if he was really trying to end their dispute (that’s if he was ACTUALLY trying to end it and now get press.)

“It’s news to me,” he said. “I never even heard about it. If he did, he did, you know what I mean? I’m this type of person, man, I’m glad he [dropped his grievances] if he really did. I’ll search and see it. I’m glad he went online and said some positive things because he also went online and said some negative things [about the group]. So it’s always good to do that, but I’m just the kind of dude who likes to get on the phone with people or sit down with them face-to-face and figure out if shit is good or if it’s on some media bullshit. You know what I’m saying?”

Last June, Benzino had said he felt Slaughterhouse was overrated, change of heart I guess. Let’s see what happens with this, cause let’s be honest Slaughterhouse could really destroy Benzie in a diss song anyday.


Shoutout: SOHH

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