Spotlight: Anthony Hull of “Ant’s World”

Anthony Hull is one of those people as soon as you meet you know they are meant for stardom. I was lucky enough to have met Ant our freshmen year of college together at the University of Colorado, outside of being one of the nicest people I’ve met he was someone in Colorado, I immediate felt a bond with because of our love of all that is Hip-Hop. Throughout college I’ve seen what Ant has done and achieved and to say I am impressed is an understatement. Ant has an inspiring resume, especially from mainly being based in Boulder, Co instead of LA or NYC.  Ant was a top compeitor for MTV’s latest contest for the new VJ and to say is a local celebrity in Boulder does not do him justice.

Anthony began his hosting career in 2005. During his time with online entertainment network maniaTV, Anthony co-hosted Flipside, a Hip Hop music and culture show, The Hitlist, a show featuring chart topping music, and interviewed artists from all sides of the entertainment industry including Lupe Fiasco, Robin Thicke, Kenna, Asher Roth. Michael Bay and Kim Kardashian. Now with his own documentary Web Series “Ant’s World” Anthony has been able to come east to NYC. This kid is doing so much from fashion to music to journalism that it’s hard to keep up with (and makes me work harder.) At only 25, he is motivation for college grads and those who think “they’re still young and have time.” Get at it kids cause if you don’t people like Anthony will pass you real quick.

To check out all thing Ant:

“In the pursuit of dreams, everybody runs into obstacles. That’s no different for me. I feel like I’ve come a long way, but I’m still not where I want to be; and even when I get there, I’ll still reach for more. That’s not to say I don’t feel grateful for what I’ve been given and I understand that with passion comes productivity. It would be crazy of me to say that everything I have accomplished, personally, in acting, and even within hosting, is solely because of me and as a result I’ve learned that creativity is best experienced when shared with others.”-Anthony Hull

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