LilBTheBasedGod Has #WallStreetJournalSwag

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most reputable publications, known for the intellectual stories, breaking news, and it’s dignified reputation. Saying that, I cannot believe how long it took The WSJ to incorporate “swag” into their vocabulary.

In their article about  VCU, the Final Four underdogs, The Wall Street Journal reported that Virginia Common Wealth have adopted “swag” as a locker room motto, The Journal then moved onto investigate the true meaning behind BasedGod’s phrase.  Which led the award winning journalists to The Based God himself, Lil B.

Lil B popularized the term swag, according to The WSJ so they asked him to explain to all the UNswag folks out there the true meaning of the swag movement, “It’s you being you-doing what you want to do and not worrying about what anyone says…Swag is being you. This is me, talking how it is. This is my swag.

BasedGod also said, “Swag swag, that’s that trademark…I say swag swag, twice. That’s how you know it’s me. Swag swag. It’s that ultimate bam-bam. You know what I mean? That double dosage.”

SWAG, not many rappers can say they had the Wallstreet Journal research and report about them, the Lil B Based God movement continues on… watch the VCU basketball team celebrate after winning a spot in the Elite 8, congrats boys you definitely have had Swag in this tournament.  Good luck against Butler saturday in the Final 4 SWAG

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