If You Want To Sign Odd Future Get On Your Knees and Get In Line

Odd Future has the labels right where they knew they would, all the F*ck offs and “rebellious” behavior has all the big names on their knees, Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine and SRC Records’ Steve Rifkind, and of course Jay-Z and Diddy.

So where will the boys end up? You know they wont go quietly, and absolutely will make everyone work for the chance to sign them.

Tyler, The Creator, taking the lead in this recruitment process is requiring all of his possible business partners to meet with them at Randy’s Donuts. According to Page Six, he said, “If you are serious about the meeting, I want Randy’s Donuts, swivel chairs and a megaphone.” They are 16 years-old if you are even about to talk shit about that think about what you would have had people do at 16…they should be happy it was just donuts and megaphones.

Desperate Diddy is not surprising anyone with his “need to please” the boys, maybe Odd Future should make him walk and get them cheese cake (bet all the Making The Band kids would love to see that.) Puffy hasn’t had much luck with his artists lately, and he’s “desperate to sign the group to prove that he’s onto something hot.” Tyler wanted to meet Justin Bieber. A rep for Odd Future had confirmed, “Tyler did meet with Justin, and Diddy helped make it happen.”

Unlike P. Desperate over there, Hova just has to be his legendary self to impress the boys. Hodgy Beats explained how he was starstruck after their first encounter at SXSW. “It was hard for me to look at Jay-Z for 10 minutes. Like, real sh–, this is the godfather of music,” MTV News. “I just shook his hand in his house. Honestly, it made me want to work harder. Jay-Z is amazing.”

So I say ride it out boys get them to kiss your asses for once and take the best deal. Make sure they grovel a little first.


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