Lesson For The Ladies: Lowering #TheThirst Level

We see The Thirst spreading and fast, but it seems my ladies have been displaying the thirst at …..levels. Here are some of the thirstiest things you ladies have been doing that MUST stop.

  1. The BBM Bathroom Pic- Girl we know your in the bathroom posing by yourself trying to get the best angel for your ass to look fat and your stomach to look flat but here’s the thing IT NEVER does and you just look like a slut with too much time on your hands everyone with that BBM Pic on twitter/BBM/Facebook deserve #THETHIRST tag

2. Girl stop begging your favorite rapper to retweet you…even if he does retweet you or follow you doesn’t mean you guys are cool or ever gonna chill. He still wont know who you are, he still wont sleep with you, and you will still look thirsty.

3. The Inbox/Text Thirst- Even though you are sending your phone number, naked pics, your “secret” head talent through DM does not mean you are free from getting called out for that thirst. You know he’s gonna show all his boys and probably tweet about it right after using your real name. If you happen to be lucky enough that he didn’t use your name don’t get too excited, you know he will get hit with the “@ em or dap em” and trust me he will @ you. The DM thirst game is serious ladies it must be put to an end, if he doesn’t respond after the first message just STOP take it as a very clear hint.

4. You are not and never will be Amber Rose, her game is on a level of it’s own and you will never even be on the same playing field.  Amber Rose can say “Yeezy taught me”  you cannot say shit like “Razzy taught me” y’all need to stop fucking with these B2K looking wack ass dudes and trying to brag about it. If people don’t like him why you think they will like you for it? He’s not going to introduce you to Kanye and Ye is NOT going to wife you especially when your rolling around with a lame dude. THE THIRST is in full affect with this move girls.

5.My last tip for you ladies to lower your thirst level is simple, before you say or do anything think to yourself “Would Kimmy Blanco do this?” If the answer is yes then DO NOT do it. Lil Kim is the thirst Queen B of 2011, charging $9.99 for a mixtape smh, she is out of her damn mind. Now i know you have all seen the Lil Kim slander think about that all directed toward you before you make that next thirst move, then just don’t do it.

Ladies we can ride this #SlutWave out to its fullest, as long as we reduce the levels of thirst out there. Help each other out, your girl is about to make a thirsty move, better stop that hoe before she does. We can get the last laugh as long as we stay in control showing the thirst gives the men control. Don’t forget what Sam said, men need the #wave more than we need them the ball is in our court girls don’t let #thethirst cause a turnover.

About jaimlou

Manager of Publicity & Artists Relations at LULU COHEN MEDIA

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