Big Sean Takes Over Vibe Shares Rules For Getting With Another Dude’s Girl

Big Sean’s 5 Rules for Messing with Other Guys’ Girlfriends

1 → Don’t Mention Her BF Under Any Circumstances:
Tip number one when you’re dealing with somebody else’s girl don’t ever bring up their boyfriend. Whatever you do don’t ever bring up relationships don’t ever open that door. [If she brings him up] you say “I’m sure he’s a nice guy.” You’re just keeping it cool and keeping it cordial. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, he plays his role and  I’ma play my role. This is such a funny subject to start with but you know you gotta be cool with it when it comes to that situation.

2 → Be Cool
Rule number two is be as relatable as you can. Be cool. Let them know that you’re human, down to earth and that you relate to them. Let them know you’re cool as hell, girls always like someone that they can chill with and escape from whatever stresses are going on in the rest of their lives.

3 → Quality Time is for YOUR Wifey, Not Someone Else’s
They get the time when they’re right there in front of you. You should only give them as much time as you want to give them but your wifey deserves all of your extra time. Girls are girls but wifey is wifey.  It is what it, is it’s the game

4 → Honesty Is The Best Policy
So number four is be up front and real—don’t lie. I used to do that shit all the time [lie] when I was coming up because I was a person who had to learn through trial and error. But real G’s learn and I realized that all girls really want is the truth. You gotta  be real like “No, I’m not trying to be your boyfriend. Yes, I do have a girlfriend. I think you’re cool let’s have fun.”

5 → Spend No Dough On Them
I don’t spend any dough on her man. Maybe I’ll spring for like a cab ride maybe make it like some real quick easy non-expensive food—but just because I’m getting something though, that’s it. …I don’t mind if the girls I mess with come and hang out with my homies if it’s that type of environment. You know if you know some girls in a town and you’re being social it’s like “come through.” I’m a cool dude. It’s not like you’re gonna be holding my hand or nothin’—you just gon’ be chillin’ with the homies

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