Curren$y Proves You Can Smoke Weed and Still Be Motivated and Hard Working

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Spitta says planning five different releases for this 2011 Get ’em boy…

Curren$y has been dropping two retail releases a year now since 2009, with his EP Covert Coup coming and Muscle Car Chronicles projected to be released this spring, Spitta that he plans two releases to finish the year with at least five projects.

“I’d say about five projects,” he said. “I used to put out mixtapes every month. So now three retail projects and a couple of mixtapes, that’s cool. Those free projects will hold everybody down so they can get used to my next series. Those same people want to support you. That’s why you have to show love with the free shit and they’ll go out and pick up the retail.”

Spitta also talked about his upcoming fifth LP Muscle Car Chronicles, due out May 3 on BluRoc Records. Which he says is produced entirely by Sean O’Connell, and was actually the first project he had begun working on when he first signed to Dame Dash’s imprint.

“[Muscle Car Chronicles is] all the way different,” he explained. “I recorded that before I even worked on Pilot Talk 1 & 2. That’s the first project I recorded when I started working with Dame Dash. When I started on that, Dame was still working on BlakRoc [with the Black Keys]…that’s actually how I ended up being homies with him. I put a verse on BlakRoc 2. He let me hear some of the music he was putting together. Some of it was to my liking so I began smashing records out for Muscle Car Chronicle.”

We can’t wait to see what Curren$y does with all these projects, hopefully he’s not taking on too much and delivers fire on all of them.

shoutout: Hiphop DX & Wellversed

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