Yeezy vs. Wiz? Yeah….Can’t See Wiz Winning That One

So we all have seen or read about Kanye’s unbelievable performance this past sunday at Coachella, but according to Mediatakeout there was more to the show that we didn’t see.

During the song “Stronger” Ye  sent Amber Rose who was standing 75 feet away from him a little message, instead of saying “I’ll do anything for a blonde dike and she’ll do anything if the times right” Kanye said “I did anything for that blonde dike and she did anything when the times right. reports that Wiz Khalifah “confronted” Kanye when he left the stage. This inside source says “Wiz didn’t want to fight, he just wanted all this catty bullsh*t to end.” Kanye sought otherwise though; “Kanye said something to Wiz and next thing you know security and people’s entourages were everywhere pushing and shoving, it could have got real ugly.”

Fight? I can’t see Sir Yeezy or all 140 lbs of Wiz fighting but if it ever does go down there better be cameras because it will be hysterical (sorry Wiz Team Ye)

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