Big Ghost’s 2nd Annual Soft Awards…He Does It Again Kids


Our boy P-Tone is back by popular demand with one of my favorite posts, his Soft Awards…we know the 1st prize (and 2nd and 3rd) went to you favorite and mine Aubrey, wonder who will take the gold home this time….To keep it fair Big Ghost isn’t going to mention the same girls as he did the first time around.
Here’s a sneak peak
“2. Yung Berg
Ayo this nigga dodged a bullet on the last list g. But only cos I forgot he existed n shit nahmean. But sons been makin all these power fails n gettin hisself back into the public eye n whatever. Son is the worst kind a soft nigga cos he dont even kno he soft nahmean. If reincarnation was real this nigga would come back as play doh son. Real talk. Son makes you wanna beat the porridge outta him. Thats why this nigga gets slapped at least twice a week yo. If you cant remember the punchline to a joke all you gotta say is “Yung Berg” n you gon get the same laughs anyway nahmean. Somebody needs to douche this niggas entire life son.”
Go check out the rest
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