In Case You Missed This- Me & Mike Stylezz Tips On How To Freak The Right Way

If you didn’t get a chance to check this out on ihiphop me and Mike Stylezz are putting out our Relations 101 posts every Friday, here’s the first one


They say pizza is a lot like sex, when it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. That being said, I get a lot of inquiries on what turns me on in the bedroom. I love to discuss turn ons and things that would get me hot and bothered all day, but there are just some things a girl has to know naturally. This brings us to our topic of the day, which is how to freak your mate the right way. As a dude i`ll let some of you females out there know exactly how to make your man go crazy, and for us guys I enlisted the help of ihiphop blogger and self proclaimed freak JaimLou. Now everyone has a different definition of what a freak is, and some are into different things (threesomes,anal,bondage) but this list is just the basic minimum that can result in a gratifying sexual experience.

Freaking Etiquette For Her (Stylezz):

*Dirty Talk– Its hot when a female talks a good one to turn you on and get the juices flowing. Things like “I want you in me so much right now” or explaining how badly you want your man is always great. I know it works for me when its time to get it on and poppin`. Although nothing turns me on like calling the female I`m with a sexy a$$ b*tch or telling her pop that p*$$y and take that d*ck like a freak. Dont get offended, its just words go with it.

*Take Control– There is nothing sexier than the woman being the initiator of intimacy from time to time. Even better when she tells you what to do to make her c*m. We know girls like different things and being touched different places but dont expect us to read your minds, if its the first time let me know!

*Keep It Sexy– We all know how people get comfortable, but nothing is sexier than putting it on a girl that got her hair and nails tip top. Knowing that you about to give this prissy girly girl the business till she screams your name is always a good look. Dont even make me go into shaving, …unless your man is into that def shave or wax that ish.

*Show Em You A Bad B*tch– Dont be afraid to look like a h*e, you getting it in so if you going to be a freak be a freak all the way. Ride it like a porn star and be down for every position possible. Nothing kills a good time like a chick that complains. If you start getting pains ride it out, this might be your exercise for the day. Oh, and like Cam`ron mentioned in his classic track ”
suck it or not”, I want head before and after, top it off, on ya knees, show you how to top a boss.

*Rough Rider– You feel like a man when you own that booty. There is a time for slow passionate love making, but for that real memorable sex session dont be afraid to let your man go hard on you. If hes grabbing onto your neck, biting your back, slapping that ass and manhandling you, I suggest you take it like a trooper. He`ll definitely want to come back for more. Having a few bruises is way better than being known as a frigid/lame b*tch.

Freaking Etiquette For Him (Jaimlou version)

*Be The Bawse– It doesn’t matter if you are a Rick Ross size dude or more of a Lil Bow Wow (sorry just Bow Wow now) make your girl feel like you are the MAN. Physically you need to let her know that you are the stronger one and you can toss her around the bedroom like it was no thing. You also need to act like the boss, it’s not a myth that women tend to go for cocky, arrogant, asshole type guys, so act like one in the bedroom. If you act like you know what your doing, she wont question you and will go right along for the ride.

*Words of Encouragement– You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well a few words of encouragement to your girl in the bed will lead to a thousand percent of better sex for the both of you. If she hears that she’s riding you right or giving you the best head of your life, believe you me she will be ready and eager to prove you right. A little can definitely go a long way here boys, so don’t overdo it with the compliments though, you need to make her work a little for it that way she believes you.

*Super Freak– Be the bigger freak, never act surprised or taken back if your girl wants to try something new or “freaky” because she will never try that again if you do. Every girl has an inner freak, some girls just take a little longer to let it out, but when she does and you react poorly…you will never see that freak again. A bad reaction or slight questioning will make your girl feel the slut or skank and make you look like a prude or rookie in the bedroom. So as long as it’s nothing too crazy (and that scale is different for everyone) embrace your girl’s inner freak.

*Ladies First– It’s no secret that we’re not impressed with a 1 minute man, but whether you’re a 1 minute man or a go all night man you should always make sure the ladies finish first. We can have multi-orgasms so your girl should have no problem c*ming and continuing to work you until you finish, but guys you cannot say the same. So try to keep that in mind, and be a little unselfish in this department cause if you finish and your partner doesn’t I guarantee you will not be getting a good review, and you know how girls talk.

*Rip The Pants and Rip The Shirt– Now this one technically could be categorized under “Be The Bawse” but I think that it’s important enough to get it’s own explanation. Mike and I have had conversations about this one and I think it’s safe to say that both females and males want a little aggression in the bedroom. If a girl says she doesn’t want you to pull her hair or smack her ass, she’s lying. Rough sex is not only passionate, exciting, and erotic, but also has some scientific reasoning to why it’s better. Choking during sex gives your girl a lower supply of oxygen to the brain which is said to enhance her sexual sensations and make it easier to orgasm. Warning though, there are different levels of rough sex so just make sure you know what level your partner is comfortable with before you go choking her out.

In closing, this guide should help alot of you poor souls out there that think you have the game on smash but have no idea. unfortunately, if you don’t have any game then this wont help you. Till next time, keep it sexy

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  2. Thanks for the Advice, hope you consider mines, as I will consider yours.

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