Respect Da Bitch! Lil B Drops Mixtape 2 Days Early! Your Welcome

All you basedgod fans get ready to be on his dick or offer your girlfriends because in Lil B style, he dropped his mixtape Bitch Mob today (2 days early from it’s original release date) Obviously according to the Swagerific Rapper this is a historical event (ask Breezy early leaks are pretty normal but it’s cool Lil B whatever you say)

Download Mixtape Here

1. Ready For War
2. Still Cooking
3. Azz Up
4. Dopeman Hunter
5. Please Respect The bi*ch
6. Pay 4 pus*y
7. Shake Ya Booty
8. 5150
9. Mask Up
10. Rock 4sho
11. Salute To The bi*ch
12. I Need The Based
13. Out The Game
14. Were U From Throw It Up
15. Hancho
16. My Life
17. Time To Die
18. Still Thuggin
19. Put Down The Guns
20. Show You Who The bi*ch
21. Bill Bellamy
22. Back Of Yo Neck
23. Need My Love
24. I Just Wanna Cry

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