I Can’t Even Make This Shit Up….Diddy Changed His Name To Swag? Yup “Swag” Is Over

Puff Daddy, Puff, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy….was it just P at one point? I’m probably missing one but i’m okay with that…well folks it gets worse now, Diddy took to his Twitter page (@iamdiddy) to announce that his name is now SWAG. Diddy even made a new Twitter page for his new name (@iamswag). SERIOUSLY?!

Just when I thought Puffy could go any higher on the scale of wackness he pull some shit like this smh

There’s even a video….Bad Boy for life? Yea

I can’t even comment on this video I am speechless GTFOHWTBS (Ed Lover I think this deserves the C’Mon Son of the year, calling it early)

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Manager of Publicity & Artists Relations at LULU COHEN MEDIA

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