Scottie Pippen Not Only Ugly, But Dumb Now Too

Scottie-Pippen-Makes-a-Bull...I-Mean-Fool...of-Himself.jpg (425×299)

So this idiot decides to make a statement (most likely for press since we know no one is rocking Pippen kicks) that “suggested” Lebron James “may be” the greatest player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. So your saying all the rings and the career that Michael Jordan gave you is nothing compared to what James is going to do for his teammates? Ohh ok….now i’ve had this argument with people about Kobe and Jordan (Jordan obviously wins every time) but NEVER Lebron and Jordan.

Most people (including myself) could not believe their ears and some even questioned Pippen’s sanity. Michael Jordan is Sacred he’s basketball’s Biggie/2Pac. “He is the greatest ever,” goes the mantra. “No one will ever be better than him. Not Kobe Bryant, not LeBron.” The only fact that anyone has to bring up to end all comparisons is, “Jordan has six rings. LeBron has none.” (BOOM)

To be fair, Pippen did preface his comment by stating, “Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game.” Trying to save face obviously, the damage is already done bro.  Go back to letting your wife bring in the money now with her reality TV show and maybe call Jordan to apologize and ask if you can go back to sucking his tit.

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