You May Want To Sit Down For This….Kreayshawn Signs A Deal For Over A Million Dollars *Pick Jaw Up From The Floor & Read On*


(Swag Chains in the picture by King Midas & WastedTalent shoutout to them!)

I guess in addition to swag pumping out her ovaries rapper Kreayshawn will also have a million dollars coming out of there. Hipster and self proclaimed Bad Bitch Kreayshawn is the creator of  “Gucci Gucci” the youtube sensation that is sweeping the net, following in her fellow Oakland phenom Lil B The Based God (So we can all say #thankyoubasedgod for this gem.)

Today, Missinfo reported that the BasedGodess has signed with Sony for over a million dollars, and not only that but a 360 DEAL?!? Word Sony? You think that this is going to help your business ok I see y’all are on the same drugs that Scottie Pippen took the other day and makes you delusional. I’ll give you a hint how it ends….she’s broke in 3 years and you are too….

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