Chill Beyonce You Can Be Queen….It’s King Va$htie Around Here

Famed video director and industry tastemaker Vashtie Kola (and fellow Albany native) was pulled into the enthralling world of Twitter Contraversie this week when she took a shot at Beyonce for calling herself ‘King B.’

Beyonce released her new single “Best Thing I Never Had” and included a promo picture for the new track.

Mz. Va$htie whose been known to call herself ‘King Vashtie’ took to the subliminal tweeting…

“Its so entertaining that broads are referring to themselves as “KING…” now. its cute…”

Beyonce’s army united and I was not happy with seeing the Vashtie slander come across my timeline. I was definitely not the only one who felt this way…

Va$htie is one of the dopest, real, and truly talented individuals out there today during this talent deficit we are having. So why bite off her fly style and originality? B we know you have that crazy in you (I felt like your Girls video was nothing short of an acid trip) you can totally come up with something on your own, so leave our Downtown Sweetheart’s swag alone, no body likes a #SwaggerJacker even if you are Jay-Z’s wifey.

Even the New York Times believes in Va$htie, check out the piece they did on how she is a role model for young taste-makers here (congrats again girl on that it was a great article!)

shoutout: hiphopwired

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