“This Is An Art Piece And Shall Be Taken As Such”- Sir Yeezy

Almost 6 months ago we got still shots from the video shoot of Kanye West’s “Monster”off “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver. Honestly,  I thought some how the video had been released and was just boring so no one was talking about it, but on the eve of Summer Jam (by the way Happy Summer Jam Day to you all) PR crooner Yeezy “randomly” released this long awaited freak-show of a video. As expected Nicki and Ye are in another universe of creative minds, but my favorite aspect might be that amidst all the “Twisted Fantasies” our one and only Hova is just SWAGGED the efff out in a suite that is probably worth more than my car. Honestly, I thought Nicki was going to go way over the top (since she literally killed her verse on the song) but that’s ok girl let your verse speak for itself.

The video is art and pretty dope, but I would like to point out 2 things that popped out at me while watching:

1. I usually am all for the men in the music industry to be taking their shirts off, but i dont know why Kanye shirtless made me very comfortable in that first scene, combined with the sexual look he’s giving the camera when those girls’ hands are groping him left me feeling very awkward.

2. . For some reason Ye moving the 2 dead models in his bed looked completely normal for him, I buy that he would lay in his bed and do some shit like that. It was a little too believable- i know your a freak Kanye

(still love the video- still want “Watch The Throne” more though.)

I love the opening disclaimer for all you haters *Kanye Shrugs*

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