Mavs Beat Miami For Championship Then Rape Them Emotionally Celebrating At LIV

Who needs $2 million when you can celebrate with the NBA Championship Trophy right Birdman? After Lebron showed his true colors last night (which would be the color of choking) Mark Cuban and the Mavs joined by Lil Wayne and Birdman celebrated quite publicly at Miami’s hotspot LIV nightclub. I hope Jordan called up Pippen immediately and told him to suck it.

Let’s break this down real quick…how can Lebron show face after making fun of Dirk before losing a game to him, having his teammate Chris The Raptor Bosh cry, and still NOT have a ring? The biggest difference between you and Jordan or Kobe is that when it came down to the wire they rose to the occasion and demanded the ball in the 4th quarter, as opposed to you Lebron where i’d rather pass the ball to my 5 year old niece in the 4th quarter than you. Go to basketball summer school, bring that basketball IQ up a point or 10 then come and talk to me.

Lebron will NEVER be MJ or even Kobe (whom I am not a fan of but has undeniable talent). Go snuggle in bed with Bosh, watch the Notebook, and share your tears privately because i’m sick of seeing grown men cry on my TV.

Check out Power 105’s Donkey of the day...give you one guess who was the donkey

side note….Congrats to the Mavs

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