Big Ghost Hits Us With The Exclusive “Take Care” Tracklist

No surprise here that Aubrey would give our boy P-Tone the first look at the track list for his upcoming album Take Care. Since Ghost Face knows his fans love them some Drake he was kind enough to share with us. Don’t forget to go here and peep the first verse off the album too, and make sure you thank Big Ghost Face for everything he does. (and yes that is a picture of Drake and Justin)

DRAKE+BIEBS2.jpg (500×335)

Ayo whattup yalls its P-Tone aka the Mighty Arms of Hercules. By now yall probably seen the Watch The Throne tracklist. That shit seemed authentic as fuck right? Word. But now the tracklist for Take Care is available too…Word is bond. So you kno ya boy Deini had to look out. Ayo I got you niggas namsayin. Yall gon probably be surprised to see that Dreams Money Can Buy aint made the album tho. Also there aint no collabs wit summa the artists we was thinkin he was gon work wit. But theres a few surprises instead yo. By the way Im gon chill on these Aubrey posts for a while yall. Jus thought his other fans would wanna see this shit tho. N bein the gentleman that I am I have obliged that nahmean. So in the immortal words of Puffy….take that take that take that…

1. Frolicking (Intro)
2. Jimmy Back feat. Meek Millz & Rick Ross
3. I Wanna Save You….(From You) feat.Trey Songz
4. My Eyebrows Say Yes, My Heart Says No feat. Swizz Beatz & Bruno Mars
5. Bar Mitzvah Money feat. Asher Roth
6. Peacock Feathers feat. Kanye West, T.I. & Lady Gaga
7. If I Were A Man feat. Nicki Minaj & Solange
8. Aub’s Interlude
9. Mr Fancy Pants feat. T-Pain
10. Heart Throbbing feat. Lil Wayne
11. Fuckin U Til I Cry feat. Justin Bieber
12. Signed, Sealed….Heartbroken feat. Trey Songz
13. Gallop To Me feat. Chris Brown & Rihanna
14. Let Me Fluff feat. The Eurythmics & DJ Khaled
15. Young Angel’s Outro

Bonus……… This is the first verse from Let Me Fluff

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