NerdAtTheCoolTable Invites Us All To Lupe’s Funneral

I’d like to thank NerdAtTheCoolTable for welcoming us all to take part in Lupe Fiasco’s burial service and hear the heartfelt words from the almighty preachers….OH and make sure you go here and check out the comments posted on this, it will make your day! Lupe’s fans are as lame as he is especially when you’re posting slander as anonymous (ex: Anonymous said…Whoever wrote this is obviously ignorant and slightly uneducated…but its a blog and blogs are allowed to be highly biased, even if it means telling lies.)

R.I.P Lupe Fiasco: The Burial ( Words from @wayno119 & Brother @Brick_James)

“Destroying is a necessary function in life. Everything has its season, and all things eventually lose their effectiveness and die” – Margaret J. Wheatley



We start with words from Wayno

Ight Yo Here i am once again as i stand at the Pulpit for another funeral & this time its somebody that i once held major respect for.

R.I.P. Lupe Fiasco

Come the fuck on Lupe come on my nigga like are you serious ? We as black men all have a distaste with our so called government but really ? Obama is a terrorist? He’s a Puppet? come on fam you was just bitching & complaining about how “Your record label made you do songs that you didn’t want to do” and Obama is a puppet?

I think that its cool for rappers to be educated & learn things that can help their families & communities but N*gga get in the Booth & out do that Wack ass Lasers album………

Terrorist music at its finest.
R.I.P. Lupe & fuck outta here …… You wear Glasses n*gga you should be thinking before you speak.

Now …. Some words from Brother Brick James

Brothas and sistas, we are gathered here today to bury this young n*gga Lupe Fiasco. Lupe ain’t never hurt nobody. Lupe’s music was about as dangerous as a Hostess fruit pie from the corner store.

When Lupe’s music plays, niggas like Hill Harper nod their head to the beat and feel Blacker than they ever thought possible. Lupe added lyrical ability + intelligence to carve out a lane for himself, but left out the “N*gga We Don’t Give A Fuck” factor. Yeah, you can rap about politics, but the minute you start acting like you’re a political analyst is the moment we gotta extract you from the paint. You dropped an album that was cold hot dog water (yeah, there was probably pork involved), then start wylin’, Lupe? Oh well…guess you can always go back to your job as the n*gga IQ from the Bionic Six cartoon. We gotta smack that conscious-rapper kufi smooth off the side of your scalp and kick, push your soul on to that Upper Room by force.

God Bless.

We can’t even really pour any liquor out, though, ‘cuz Lupe don’t drink…smh…

Finally I have few things to say………
It hurts me to say this but I seen this a while ago. I knew your career was heading towards a early demise but I just didn’t want to believe that the writer of food & liquor … a classic album … would stay on on such a tragic path.
Yes people I feared this day was around the corner.

The n*gga went mountain climbing. Shit heart my soul like seeing your favorite uncle walk into a dope house. The shit hurt because after I seen this pic I knew mentally, spiritually, and physically Lupe wasn’t dope anymore.
If you look back in history it’s all there….

Dope n*ggas don’t mountain climb.
With all that being said let’s not remember this day as a sad one. Instead let’s celebrate today as the day Lupe goes to where there are no worries. He will me missed and his “BMF” freestyle will live on forever.

He leaves behind many loved ones …
and many more. Please lend your support to these people during this tough time.
I pray we don’t have to do this again anytime soon.

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