Chris Brown Manages To Piss Off So Many People In So Little Time

Let’s hear what happened between him and Frank Ocean today at the BET award rehearsal…

Rumor has it Frank Ocean showed up to see Mr. Breezy…Okay. Story is, Frank Ocean came down to Chris’ dance rehearsal in L.A. looking for him. However, he started running when he actually saw him. Chris’ cousins, Mijo and Trell, spotted him as he was fleeing and then this happened. All this resulted from Frank’s and Chris’ Twitter beef….so i’ve heard thank god WSHH was there to catch it all…

and just earlier today this is what Breezy did to piss off more people…

Chris Brown claimed via tweeting that he has “total respect for [the] Gay community” oddly enough this was right after dropping another gay slur in L.A. yesterday.


That doesn’t exactly sound like an apology to me you guys?
Listen to the way he uses the term “gay”

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