5 Reasons Kelly Rowland Can Come Back From Destiny’s Child

kelly rowland 2011. For in 2011: Kelly Rowland

We all know that Queen B was the force to be reckon with going solo after Destiny’s Child, but even though it seemed like Kelly’s window of opportunity to hit big alone had closed after that song with Nelly, she’s back and here’s why…

1. BET Awards Performance- Girl killed that performance, that song is a smash and she worked that stage like she hadn’t let a day go by that she wasn’t performing live (helped that B’s performance lacked a little of that “live” value)

2. Hot Bod- Let’s be honest homegirl is looking better than ever these days, and I know that as an artist that definitely does not hurt your chances with the fans (especially those of you from the male population) as long as she keeps this body and rocking the sexy and sultry look she’s going to stay on the minds of her male fans.

3. Friends in high places- We all know how far a co-sign can go these days…Kelly throwing a song out with Weezy and now a track with Big Sean. She knows who’s hot right now and she’s smart enough to affilate herself with them to make sure her voice is heard…smart girl

4. Hitting The Clubs- We all know that the hip-hop industry (although very much loved by many) is not really the money maker right now, so Kelly using that intelligent brain of her is reaching out. She released a dance joint called “Commander” AND an urban remix to it featuring Nelly, one song two genres VERY smart, you know you can’t go wrong with David Guetta.

5. She’s got the x-factor- Now we all know the magnitude of reality competition shows, well Mizz. Rowland has claimed Cheryl Cole’s spot as a judge on the BritishX-Factor. She has already received rave reviews of her wardrobe selection during auditions, and it is sure to broaden her fan base.

Overall Kelly Rowland is making 2011 her bitch so just bend over and let her make that comeback she’s reaching for.

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