Original Content For A Mixtape? Damn Luda

Maybe Luda can teach y’all the correct way to release a mixtape before an album *looks at sorry 4 the wait tracklist smh*

Before putting out his next album, Ludacris is planning on releasing his first mixtape of entirely original content.—hear that??? NO KREAYSHAWN COVERS!

Over at Kube 93 FM Supa Sam (via RR) got Luda talking about what he has coming up.

“I’m working on a new album called Ludaversal, but I’m also working on a mixtape,” he said. “We gon’ flood the streets with a bunch of music for all the fans that appreciate that.

“It’s like my first album actually doing that,” he continued. “I’ve done mixtapes before, but in terms of it’s going to be new music. We’re going to put it out there and it’s been 10 years, like I said. It’s been a decade long, so I feel like it’s that time. It’s just rejuvenation. We gotta make sure we give everybody what they need right now.”

I have no shame I love Luda and I hope he kills it on the mixtape and album, he’s already winning with original content.

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