Now Introducing The Undisputed Champion Of Fake RT….

@OfficiallyIce!! Congrats last night the fake RT was brought to new levels, mostly thanks to the amount of estrogen displayed on Bow Wow’s part.

Here’s what started it all.. If you’re not familiar with the fake RT bow wow did not actually tweet this Ice made that up, now continue

nd the feeding frenzy began…

those are just a few of the MANY RT filling Bow Wow’s TL last night, but little homie couldn’t take a joke (Even Tyga handled his fake RT like a man) here’s the little wow’s response

In all fairness he probably is on his period right now and is a little more sensitive. My favorite aspect of this social slander is when TMZ came in.. lol I cried…

TMZ ain't have to kill bow wow tho:

But TMZ really killed Bow Wow over a fake RT!



(if i have to say it-bow wow is not actually dead)

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