2WGZ Send Out A Special Congrats To Wiz For His Latest Achievement

The homie P Tone didn’t tell me he was honoring Wiz into the hall of fame or I would have sent him flowers or he probably would prefer chocolate (ya know when it’s that time of the month)

So everyone make sure you shout out Wiz for becoming the newest inductee into the Soft N*gga Hall Of Fame!! And now a few words from his induction…

Wiz Khalifa-Rose

Congratulations nigga. You in a class that only the human estrogen shake Aubrey can fuck wit you in. Yall muthafuckas is like the Muhammad Ali n George Foreman of soft niggas. If yall niggas ran towards eachother n collided there would jus be a big splash n both yall niggas would be gone….n all that would be left is a puddle of lotion n some tight ass clothes on the ground n the aroma of turmoil. 

Check out the rest from our boy Big Ghost here

Also if you missed out on the 3rd Annual Awards check them out here cause i’m still crying over the homie using the following picture for Bow Wow…..real tears

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