Machine Gun Kelly….Bad Boy For Life?


Diddy finally got one!  Machine Gun Kelly has officially become apart of the Bad Boy team! He’s gonna drop his debut album, Lace Up  later this year. MGK grabbed not only Diddy’s attentions at SXSW but many of the industry’s most influential tastemakers, and someone he’s ending up with Bad Boy, but MGK says “We decided to partner with Bad Boy/Interscope because they understood our idea and the importance of keeping our integrity,” Diddy and integrity? I’m sorry doesn’t really go together for me. MGK is really talented and a hell of a performer, I hope Puffy doesn’t kill his promising career. It’s hard to hear the people on the business side talk about an artist and his fans are, so this following statement from BadBoy President was hard for me to swallow (pause)

“MGK is a great addition to the Bad Boy team,”  Harve Pierre said. “He speaks for a generation of kids who are just like him.  Fans relate immediately to his lyrics, his flow and his energetic live performances.”

I just hope they believe that and Puff works hard to let MGK be who he is while helping him sell records.

Congrats MGK!! We’re behind you!


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