Could You Choose Sex Or Your Cell?

So Jezebel recently posted that there was a survey conducted by TeleNav which found that a majority of Americans would be willing to give up alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, and exercise for a week rather than their mobile phones, and about a third would even go a week without sex. I don’t know about these stats. As a blogger my phone is my lively hood i can’t imagine what I would do without it (I find out occasionally after those nights with a few too many Jack Daniels shots but thats only for a day or so) which brings me to my next point. Alcohol, Caffeine, and Sex would be just as hard for me to give up for a week as my cell…I guess 5 hour energies could replace caffeine but alcohol and sex have no replacements.

Jezebel pointed out that those with swagged out smart phones are least likely to give up their phones than those still playing snake on their nokias

Unsurprisingly, those with craptastic basic phones (apparently the correct term is “feature phones”) aren’t as addicted to their devices as smartphone users. When asked if they’d give up television or showering for a week rather than their phones, smartphone owners were twice as likely to keep their device. Supposedly feature phone users have better manners because only 6% regularly whip out their phones at the dinner table compared to 26% of smartphone users. 

Another stat not surprising is that those with the struggleberry and droid (which I found out recently the hard way tend to over heat and turn off) are more likely to give up the phone than those on team iphone.

So my first question goes straight to the sex vs. cell…now what is the male vs. female ratio on that? I would assume men are less likely to get sex without their phones….therefore would have a tough decision picking one or the other. I think if I could be on vacation during the week I would choose the sex and booze over my cell in a heartbeat what about you?



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