Wanna Know How Charlie Sheen Dies?


Perez revealed how they are killing Charlie Sheen off on Two and a Half Men so if you don’t want to know stop reading now, otherwise this is how we will be stuck with Ashton Kutcher on TV again…

Charlie Sheen’s character is being killed off Two and a Half Men, but wait till you hear how he goes!

If you follow the show, you know the last we saw of Charlie Harper was him getting on a plane to Paris with Rose, his creeper/stalker neighbor. In this season’s premiere, we learn that Charlie actually MARRIED Rose, but then cheated on her while they were still in Paris. She actually finds him in the shower with another woman! Low!

Well, during the funeral, Rose gives a eulogy to remember her husbandand recounts how sometime after that, they were waiting for a Paris subway when Charlie “slipped” and the subway literally blew him apart in a “meat explosion.”

Yeah – bitch pushed his ass right in front of the train and killed him! At least, that’s what we’re inferring. What’s more, she got away with it! How do you like that! Gotta love television.

You know, we’re actually sort of dying to know what Charlie thinks about all this? Perhaps it’s time for another Charlie’s Corner? Yes???

Well not that I cared before but now I don’t even have to watch it swag.

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