Perez Points Out Beyonce’s Teleprompter?


What does the Queen of music need a teleprompter for? I know she can’t need that for her songs right?

A Perez Hilton reader was in the audience of Beyonce’s show last night in New York and shared this photo of Beyonce using a teleprompter.

Apparently everything was written out for her : every song lyric, intro, even prompts to engage with the audience. Every moment, to the dramatic pauses to the audience cheers were scripted and planned ahead of time. The perez reader added:

“It was so distracting that for the first few songs everyone in my immediate area was watching the screen talking the script out loud before she was. It became especially ironic/humorous when she was talking about becoming an actress yet shes reading off of a prompter instead of memorizing the damn words.”

Now I love Beasus as much as the next but this is really weird for a seasoned vet such as herself I would like to know if she does this at her shows often (don’t get me wrong i’m still going to go see her show tomorrow night *crosses fingers that’s the show Hov shows up at*)


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