Spotlight: KAE Hock

Today’s Hip-Hop is lacking the poetry and soul of what this culture was built on, Delaware native Kae Hock  has been working to perfect that lost art of transforming words into hip hop scriptures. Lyrically his songs read like a biography, showcasing his ability to portray his own reality both past and present. KAE Hock’s life complexities are vividly present in every bar of his lyrics, he bares his true self sharing  what made him who he is today. Hock brings his audience into his life, sharing how he emerged from a broken home due to the separation of his parents and the tragic death of his older brother, he becomes easily relatable for anyone who’s been through hard times.

KAE Hock has already become widely known throughout his home state Delaware with his mix tapes (Nothing Fancy, Come See My Vision, Young Hockaday, The Famine,.25 “The Adventures of Inhale and Exhale, .5 “The Album” and Smokers Jacket), as well as the many campus and city newspaper articles.

KAE Hock has performed in talent showcases and many other live shows in Delaware, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington DC. This includes opening for artist such as Keyshia Cole, Juelz Santana, and The Roots. Not to mention the numerous times he has shared the stage with Talib Kweli.

Being a talented rapper and songwriter is not enough for KAE Hock though, the intelligent business minded entrepreneur also has his own production team with coming producers such as Kamekazi, Kevorkian, Flamez Earl Jones, and Easwood he is ready to make his mark on hip hop.

Combining his music with the creative minds of PACE MEDIA/ SMOKESTACK RECORDINGS, KAE Hock is releasing a video for “Let’s Chill” his first visuals off his latest mixtape Smokers Jacket. This video definitely solidifies his presence and potential in today’s Hip-Hop industry, this is the first of many videos to come from KAE Hock.

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