MartyParty Kicks Off 2WGZ “Dubstep Of The Week”

Although born in NY, as many of you know I went to college in Colorado (GO BUFFS) and while I was in college of course I kept my Hip-Hop roots going strong I became to put it honestly obsessed with the dubstep/jam bands and DJs I saw on a regular out there.  I still go to my “hippie” festivals such as Camp Bisco, Rothbery, and coming up in NYC Electric Zoo, but when I get back it amazes me that my  Hip-Hop heads have no idea any of the acts I talk about. Bassisland last weekend had Lupe Fiasco OPEN UP for Bassnectar (who is one of my favorite artists). The following these DJs and Bands have would boggle these hip-hop kids’ minds. The crazy thing to me is that most of the time these festival have a Hip Hop act, Wiz, Wu Tang, Talib, Redman etc…but I think Hip-Hop fans tend to be closed off to other genres of music a lot of the time. These acts have crazy loyal fans who travel across the country to see them perform, and I think that’s because they treat their fans so well with free music a lot and an endless supply of live shows. I was lucky enough in college to see a lot of these acts in Boulder right before they blew up at small intimate garage parties and they would kill it for hours… they still rock out hard until 4-5am for their shows (except here in NYC where we usually shut them down early)

So lucky for you I’m here to educate you! Once a week i’m going to drop a Dub Step/ Jam Band/ Purple song on yall (dubstep is defined as “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals”- i’ll let Bassnectar explain it to you better below) I’m going to start off with some hip-hop remixes to ease you kids into it slowly, and you can find out what it’s like to have bass in your face (bassnectar reference your’ll get there one day).

I’ll even share some pictures i’ve taken at the festivals so you get an idea of what your dealing with! Enjoy the 808…

To kick it off i’ll introduce you to someone residing right here in Brooklyn, Marty Party. MartyParty is a music producer and performer. Born and raised in South Africa and residing in Brooklyn, NY, his music (which he calls Purple) goes from hip hop to intense dance to dirty dubstep… sometimes pretty and soft, sometimes hard and dirty, but always emotional.

After seeing MartyParty MURDER Camp Bisco I can contest to the following…

There are no “disks” and he is no “jockey.” Working without headphones using Ableton Live on a laptop, the ability to mix more than two channels creates an entirely new audio experience for the audience. The live set is a show… a high energy, intense dance party.

He can drop the bass pretty hard I guess….(sarcasm if you didn’t get that)  enjoy his remix of Ice Cream Pain Job – I almost died of bass overdose when he dropped this at Bisco!

Learn more out the homie:

I’ll let Bassnectar explain Dubstep better for you…

and until next week….whomppppp

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