Giants RB Brandon Jacobs Pays To Keep Baby Secret

Brandon Jacobs with his wife, Kim, and son, Brayden.

An inside source has revealed exclusively to 2WGZ that Giants’ RB Brandon Jacobs has another child with a woman who is not his wife. Jacobs has an 18 month old little girl, Hailey Jacbos with Selita E Banks’ cousin, Kadie Walters.

The baby and the baby’s mama are living in New Jersey, in a condo fully paid for by Jacobs (for the next year), being kept a secret from Jacobs’ wife and other baby. Jacobs insisted that Hailey has his last name even though she is being kept a secret from everyone. Kadie was out with her cousin Selita and some of the Miami Basketball Wives at the club in NYC when she met Jacobs, who was already married at the time.

Jacobs is fully paying for Kadie’s expenses, house, and car in return Kadie and baby Hailey are kept a secret and allow Jacobs to keep his public image intact.

Ladies would you take the money for the lifestyle? Or would you rat out his cheating ass?

n508853789_530884_4177.jpg (200×296) Top 2 photos Hailey Jacobs

Kadi Walters

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