French Montana x Maybach????

French Montana has recently been talking about the possibly signing to Maybach Music….Ricky Rozzay trying to add to his army!

So our NY native French Montana is currently signed to Waka Flocka’s mama, Debra Antney’s, Mizay Entertainment the Bronx rapper is openly talking about the possibility of moving on to bigger (pun intended) labels.

French told  XXL Magazine that he was asked to join Maybach Music Group, but said that he’s still working on his own movement.

“He [Rick Ross] asked me to join MMG, so I’m definitely entertaining the idea. I definitely got a lot of respect for his movement, you know what I’m saying?  [However] right now, I’m just trying to figure out everything with myself, with my own entity, and my own movement,” French Montana explained. “Then I’ma figure out everything else ’cause there was a lot of things I had to fall back off for me to get my situation straight.”

Now listen up aspiring rappers because French Montana is about to share with you his secret of staying on those blogs and relevant…

“Man, I just really don’t get all the way into it, I just be working. I’m just staying busy, making a lot of music, and staying relevant, that’s all it is,” said French Montana. “It’s just staying persistent. I don’t really get into the politics, because at the end of the day everybody don’t want me to win. I just stay away from all that and stay working on my music and everything that I got to do.”



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