Terrance Howard Will Kill A Bitch

Don’t let Terrence Howard’s classy appearance fool you, because if you even think of fucking with his marriage he will crazy murder you!!

Some heaux found what she thought was Terry Howard’s cell phone number, then her drunk ass tried to call Terry but her phone was dead. So she used her male friend’s cell phone, called the number and professed her thirst for him in a voicemail message. So this dumb heaux actually had Terry’s wife’s phone number and left her the message instead. smh.

And this is what Mr. Howard had to say….

“Nigga, you been calling my wife… If you call my wife again I’m going to come to your house and I’m going to cut your fucking throat. Understand that. I’m gonna tell you this one time. You call my wife again, I’m going to kill you.”

After his rage blackout he did call back a few days later to apologize for the misunderstanding:

“I’m so sorry for calling you and speaking that way. I thought you were somebody that’s been harassing my wife. Please forgive me. My wife told me that she was receiving obscene text from you and that she was being harassed. Therefore I responded with the protective nature that a husband has for his wife. Forgive me for the anger, but as you are watching over your girlfriend, I too am devoted to my love.” 

I liked blackout rage Terrance Howard more…imagine if it were a dude who called and left a message on his wife’s voicemail….one can only dream


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