Ke$ha Is Now Making Even More Money Than You

Kesha wearing leather and roller skates for Casio Baby-G watch advertisement

Maybe I wouldn’t mind being told I look like Ke- $-ha if I were getting the money that she’s going to be from these little limited edition Baby-G watches.

We both may have blonde hair and drink Whiskey, but I tend to not smear my make-up and avoid fishnets.

Either way she has a nice little deal going on this these limited watches and I have a feeling young trashy hipster girls all over will be running out to buy one and pay for Ke$ha’s next bottle of Jack.

Ke$ha poses in a denim jacket and fishnet stockings for Casio Baby-G watch ad

This is what the SHOCKINGLY smart (look it up she’s a secret genius) singer had to say…

This experience with Casio is so exciting because it’s my first collaboration as a designer and it’s extra meaningful because I wrote my first single “TiK ToK” on a Casio keyboard. In creating my red, white and blue watch, I was obviously inspired by the American flag because it’s a recurring theme in my aesthetic but also represents freedom of speech, a right I passionately exercise in my life and in my music. Leopard print is another recurring theme in my look, which I like to wear because it brings out my animal inside. I hope when people wear my watches they’re reminded to express themselves always and never lose the animal inside themselves.

I just got it…”tik tok” witty Casio very witty

Limited edition Casio Baby-G leopard print watch by Ke$ha model BGA200KS-1EBrown Casio Baby-G watch with an animal print face model BGA200LP-5E


Kesha's limited edition Casio Baby-G red white and blue watch model BG5600KS-7 Casio Baby-G watch model BG5600SA-4  red




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