Looks Like Raz B Drama Part 2 For Breezy

ALLEGEDLY  Breezy’s DM thirst this past week was not only from his female fans…R&B singer Martyn (whom I had to google to figure out who the hell he was) but this Martyn character is claiming him and Breezy did the nasty…and I mean nastyyyy, but i’m not surprised by this.

Martyn has confirmed  the following to be true: The DMs….Gay Sex….Thirst from an unknown artist

Martyn does however say that comments were added via Photoshop, which makes this whole situation very suspect because thanks to photoshop we never know what is legitimate and what is made up from a fake ass thirsty fame whore.

We all know how real the thirst is (especially now that we are in full blown cuffing season) but come on homie, I talk shit about Breezy and his wackness all day and I don’t even believe this shit…read the follow and see what yall think for yourselves.










So Mr. Brown has not come out with a public statement about the alleged butt sex, but went the next best route Twitter…

Breezy said the following threatening legal action against his accuser : Cmon son .. Now I got a n*gga out here lying for 2 minutes of Fame. (that’s a pause moment my G) I’ll let my lawyers handle it from here..”

Just go to Martyn’s website no doubt in my mind that homie would enjoy some 1 on 1 time with Aubrey…



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