Diddy Throws A Diva Tantrum (Earns Him Rap Radar’s YPY)

So Puffy yells at people who do no drink Ciroc now? I don’t know if that is taught in marketing 101 or not but I know using the n-word in public doesn’t help…

Diddy knocks the non-ciroc drinker’s drink out of his hand before cursing him out and calling him out since Puff is so damn tough yelling at him, “What you gonna do n–ger?”

Perez Hilton reports the rapper hid behind his bodyguards when the man tried to confront him…SHOCKER

There are unconfirmed reports that gunshots were fired at the club later on in the evening.

P-Diddy has been ridiculed online by various celebrity sites, including Idolator.com, which described the incident as “some of the most juvenile, self-entitled behaviour we’ve seen from a major star in some time”.

Where is the Money Team when you need them?

You Played Yourself:

Burns really lit your fire, but c’mon Puff. Temper temper! Promote your shit responsibly.

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  1. Love Diddy, he’s one of my favourite Hip Hop artists ever.

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