Stalley “Lincoln Way Nights” Tracklist

Stalley Reveals Tracklist For

Stalley has revealed the tracklist for the upcoming reissue of Lincoln Way Nights, releasing November 1st. Check the tracklist below.

1. The Tune Up
2. See the Milq From My Chevy
3. Slapp feat. Rashad
4. 330
5. Chimes of Freedumb feat. Rashad
6. The Night feat. Rashad
7. Pound
8. Sound of Silence
9. She Hates the Bass
10. Hard
11. Chevys and Space Ships
12. Go On
13. Milq n Honey
14. Tell Montez I Love Her
15. Monkey Ish (R.I.P. Pimp C)
16. Lincoln Way Nights (Shop)
17. Summer in America feat. Rashad
18. Lincoln Way Nights (Shop-Remix) feat. Rick Ross

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  1. Nice album from Stalley, props.

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