Biebs We Cannot Allow You To Mess With BET’s “Integrity”

BET does not have Bieber fever apparently…

We know the Biebs has been working on his thug appeal “spitting” various rhymes here and there (thanks again Breezy for putting him on your mixtape-sarcasm) but he was denied from the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher HOW DARE THEY!

Okay but really BET you’ve allowed so much other bullshit at this “award” show (and on your network overall) wouldn’t allowing the Biebs basically triple your auidence? You know the white teeny boppers come in packs!

I do however respect DJ Premier for his reason on the rejection (ps Premier you might want to up security for the next month or so death threats will be coming)

Biebs said that he would only do it if Ludacris wrote his rhymes for him which is why Premier put his foot down…

“Justin Bieber asked if he could do the cypher. Everybody was worried that it might mess of the integrity of BET.  So I said, ‘Yo, as long as he got a dope rhyme, let him spit.’ But then we heard, ‘Oh, he wants Luda to write his rhyme.’  I was like ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, no. If you ain’t writing your own rhyme you can’t do it.’ So Justin had to take a back seat. Write your own rhymes, honey.”

Wait did Premier just call the Biebs “honey”?


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  1. LOL! Since when does BET have “Integrity” lol They are run by the same douchebags that run MTV.

  2. BET/MTV have about as much integrity as Amber rose

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