Battle Of Recklessness

I know Machine Gun Kelly is “Young & Reckless” and he is a great look for Drama’s brand but I would like to offer another artist that is just as young and a little more reckless to join his team.

Time to test the levels of recklessness!

First let’s look at MGK’s most recent show and his reckless behavior….thanks to ItsBizTV here’s some footage of his performance last week in NYC for XXL’s CMJ showcase at Highline Ballroom. Most “reckless’ moment will begin at about the 7:28 mark where we see him strip down to his boxer briefs and talks a FEMALE fan into giving him her pants….yeah I couldn’t make that up….

Okay now let’s move onto my Y&R brand ambassador candidates’ most recent NYC performance…

No shocker here that my more “reckless” youngins are none other than my good friends GOLF WANG, I know they love their Supreme and all that cool shit, but who is younger and more reckless than these kids? Last week at Terminal 5 in NYC Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats had their own little badass moment, no big deal they just jumped from the 2nd floor of the venue…onto their fans (that is some serious trust in their fans to catch them) You can’t miss it at the 10 sec mark and after playing around a little Hodgy takes the dive at around the 44 sec mark…

Next category: Fun with speakers…

If you saw MGK’s SXSW performance at the FADER fort then you know he can work a speaker…from performing on top of it or hanging upside down from one he aint scurrred *Luda Voice*

and the competitors? Not to be outdone at the SXSW festival, Odd Future took their speaker talents to the Thrasher Party. During their song “French” Odd Future managed to fit 3 of them on top of a speaker, expecting nothing less from Tyler The Creator he then took a nice little crowd dive off of it (1:31 mark) Hodgy Beats found another use for the speaker, using it as a ladder onto the roof where he took his crowd dive from (3:16 mark)

oh and for extra swag points Tyler’s jump reportedly caused a fan to break his nose however but he “took it like a f*cking g” according to the Wolf Gang’s website.

Next match up…in the words of NWA and Boosie (#FreeBoosie) Fuck the police… now in the past year both Odd Future’s Tyler and MGK have had public run-ins with the cops…and thankfully for us both were caught on video!

Tyler Gets Arrested: Well, actually ends up he was just detained so it takes away a little street cred there but he was detained for “disturbing the peace, loitering and skating pass [sic] a cop.” and of course he had nothing but sweet words to say about the incident


MGK Gets Arrested: Being in your home state I guess brings the best (or worst) out of an Ohioin (ohio native?) Mr. Kelly organized a flash mob at a nice wholesome Cleveland mall and was charged with disorderly conduct and you can see why right here….

Obviously both parties live up to what it means to be “Young & Reckless” I just feel Odd Future has the edge… so jump on that Drama and your welcome

Either way I support you and Y&R

(contact me for my address for where you can send me my free swag)

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