Jump Off Ri Ri Already

If you don’t like a music video’s “message” then don’t watch it…easy enough right?

Well apparently not, yet again Ri Ri is getting backlash for the “message” conveyed in her music video, first “S&M”, than “Man Down”, now her newest video “We Found Love.”

I guess this video (which she looks amazing in by the way) offended the Rape Crisis Center who say that she portrayed herself as “an object to be possessed by men.” Personally I don’t see it, all i saw was a fun loving relationship with a feminine Chris Brown that ended….so what happens every day (minus the Breezy look-alike)

The criticism goes at the scene where Christina Brown spanks her and tattoos ‘Mine’ on her behind. With the actor sporting Chris Brown’s Sisqo hair style people are saying that the video mirrors her relationship with Chris Brown before it ended after their 2009 domestic violence incident, Ellen Kelly of the Rape Crisis Center is calling Rihanna’s video a “disgrace” and questioning the message Rihanna is trying to send to fans.

“Rihanna’s new video is a disgrace. It sends the message that she is an object to be possessed by men, which is disturbingly what we see in real violence cases.”

The director of the video, Melina Matsoukas, defended the work saying that domestic violence isn’t the topic at hand, it’s more about being in an unhealthy relationship. AMEN I say the same!

Get over it and let the girl make a music video in peace


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